Toffee Flavors

Sugar, ah, honey, honey...You are my candy girl. And you're hand crafted with luscious, all-natural ingredients –  Traditional and Sweet & Salty Toffee just to start. And yes, you've got me wanting you.



Traditional Toffee Traditional Toffee | Soothes the soul, cheaper than  therapy. Ok, if love heals all, then consider me  healed. Rich, buttery goodness with Madagascar-  Bourbon vanilla, 72% dark cacao and Belgian milk  chocolate, all kissed with almonds. Yeah, love is  good. SHOP NOW


 Sweet and Salty Toffee | Rock my world with  your sea salt kiss. Nothing satisfies like a sweet  and salty duo. Sweet fresh almonds, Madagascar  Bourbon vanilla, 72% dark Belgian cacao  chocolate, all smooched with French coarse sea  salt. XOXO! SHOP NOW




Double Crossed Toffee


Double-Crossed Toffee Our hand-crafted toffee  made with fresh creamery butter, pure cane sugar,  sweet almonds, smooth Madagascar vanilla,  decadent milk & dark chocolate all crissed  crossed with white chocolate. *seasonal flavor,  available for a limited time*  SHOP NOW





Sweet Heat² |  One part Sweet. Two parts heat. Pure cane sugar, almonds, pure vanilla, Belgian dark & milk chocolate. Hatch green chile powder & caynne pepper kick it up 2 notches. Topped with salted sunflower seeds. *seasonal flavor, available for a limited time*



 Goody 2-zels | Clusters of pretzels, kettle corn,  and roasted almonds. Drizzled with toffee and a  duo of milk and white chocolate. The original  'Double' addiction! SHOP NOW


Seasonal- Comfort & Joy | Very nice. Just a little naughty. A treasure of minty goodness with 72% cacao Belgian dark chocolate, pure peppermint oil and candy crunch, all laced with creamy white chocolate. Shhhh. Don't tell Santa. *Available November and December only.